The Top 20 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix 2017


Using your Netflix subscription at home or on the go with your smartphone is quite easy. But with a monthly subscription (paid), you don’t want to keep watching the old boring things on Netflix. As you pay for the Netflix subscription, it is obvious that you would want to enjoy from the best out of Netflix. Netflix provides with different types of entertainment sources like, series, TV shows, movies and even premium series that you won’t be able to watch anywhere else rather than on Netflix. So, if you love to watch movies and series in your free time and what to enjoy from the best then Netflix should be your first choice. When it comes to movies, there a variety of movies that you can enjoy from like, action, magical, mystery, comedy and much more. And when it comes to comedy movies on Netflix you can be sure that you will be rolling on the ground as Netflix provides with the best comedy movies of all time one can definitely enjoy watching. Netflix brings you a wide variety of humorous comedy movies of all time and even the latest ones, taking entertainment to whole new level.

If you are also searching for the best comedy movies on Netflix then you are in luck. Today, we are going to provide you with a list of the 20 best comedy movies that you would love watching on Netflix. Have a laugh or two with your family, friends and loved ones using Netflix and have a great time enjoy these comedy movies with popcorn in hand. So let us now have a look at the best rated comedy movies that you can watch on Netflix.

List Of The 20 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

Seeking a Friend for the End of World

When it comes to the world’s destruction, things can get really serious. But for the couple in the movies seeking a Friend for the End of World. Here two people namely Keria Knightley and Steve Carell play the role of a odd couple who take a drive to meet the family of the Keria Knightley during this destruction of world and coming along is Steve Carell who is now in search for his true love. This a classical comedy movie on Netflix which one with love to watch anytime with family or friends.

Bridget Jones’s Dairy

In her 30’s, a girl who can’t still figure out what to do with her life. And to make it even more interesting, she is single with no knowledge about next day so you might just sit down and drink a glass of wine or just the whole bottle. Yet slowly going through the story line, the movie turn in to a great piece of romantic comedy. So if you are the kind of person who are into life like example of ongoing comedy movies then this is definitely for you.

Magic Mike

Ladies LadiesLadies… Hold on to your… With Channing Tatum and his dancing skill you can be sure that the movie will be entertaining. And here in Magic Mike, it is not just entertaining but humorous as this movies is based on rule breaking Male Stripper who perform for their life being. This movie is worth watching but be sure to watch it away from the eyes of your parents. It also regarded as one of the funniest movies of all time.

Super Bad

Well you can’t blame a movie that made you go rolling on the ground awkwardly in front of you friend and family just because it is too much funny. And well, if you are completely okay with that, Super Bad is a comedy movie that you must watch. With Jonah Hill, Emma Stone and Michael Cera in the same movies you got to know that something big & funny is going to happen and that what exactly happens with Super bad. A must watch movie with your friends and family.

What About Bob?

What About Bob? Is a movie by Bill Murray who is well known for his one liner. And if you are into his great comedies then you will definitely love this movie. In the movie Bill Murray goes on rampage when his therapist went on vacation and he is left alone without his therapy sessions. This is really a hilarious & a must watch comedy movie on Netflix.

Adventure land

The Adventure Land takes you through a story of a boy played  by Jesse Eisenberg who just graduated from college and now has no idea what you is going to do in life. So he makes up his mind to work in an amusement park to figure out what he will do later in life. This takes him through a journey of life that is hilarious and amazing to watch if you are just chilling at home in a warm afternoon.

O Brother, Where Art thou?

Yet another great comedy movie, where there are characters who travel across the deep sea for the find of adventure and fun. And as the journey begins, you will see a lot of humour and fun that is just amazing to watch.O Brother, Where Art Thou?is a movie from 2000 but is worth watching a thousand times.

Big Trouble In Little China

This is a movie from long back in time 1986. This was released as a comedy movies but was kind of a flop in that time, but if you watch this movie in today’s generation you will defiantly find it overwhelmingly funny. Watch the heroes’ rescue a friend’s fiancée and also help break an ancient curse with comedy throughout the whole movie.

Burn after Reading

A CIA movie where Brad Pitt plays the role of a person who has some important information that is really critical for CIA. Now that CIA has known about it, they have sent an agent to the information back but everything turns around when they meet. The story of the movie rotates about these two idiot falling trouble with the information and finally check it out whether the information is safe or get exposed.


From one of the funniest and idiot character from American Pie, Scoot’s Stifler comes a movies where you would see more of his hilarious talks and jokes. The movies goes on as he is dumb yet a nice person in the movie who later has to play a match against semi pro hockey team, which later brings him to the spot light as the best man.

The Big Short

If you find the old movies to be hilarious, well you are right. This movie is from 2000’s and as the  movie story starts off the Big Short goes on as the most hilarious acts that you would see in old movies. Enjoy watching this movie with friends or family and have a laugh of a life time.

Grosse Pointe Blank

Watch a HitMan go crazy over his long meet with his high school sweetheart while he has to run for life and get down with this killing job. He is unhappy about this job get he gets it all down while taking a chance with life to spend the rest of the time with his high school sweetheart. Watch the movie to see John Cusack giving out his best comedy lead and enjoy it till your heart’s content.

Tucker & Dale VS Evil

This is a definite watch for all those who are into intense comedy with cult rituals. This movie is the funniest that we have watching but involves a lot of artificial blood bath as two character gets involved in a massacre which lead them to think that they are going to killed by horny Coeds. A movie that has enjoyable from the start till the end and with a hidden comedy act throughout the whole movie.

Wet Hot American Summer

This is one of those movies that you would love watching anytime. Definitely a hilarious movie with all random acts of stupidity, in the movie you will be able to see stuff like actors going out of control and talking can of vegetables with talking about the worlds end as they watch a piece of NASA equipment falling from the sky. This is definitely a great movie to watch and you will enjoy it watching it with friends who don’t mind a little stupidity movie.


A recent movie which talks about the story of 3 friends who are born to survive in a rough neighbour. This is a fresher movie that you would watch after a day of work and enjoy it with popcorn in hand as the movie starts off  with a the lead namely Shameik Moore who is a nerd and tries to overcome through his life in high school.

Hot Fuzz

When you see a movie with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in it, well you can be sure that the whole home is coming down. This movie is something that you will never want to miss. A comedic master piece that revolves around the mystery that they try to solve as cops where there is a town with a lot of sudden accidents. A hilarious way to find out leads them to more hilarious outcome. If you are into comedy movies then this a definite go.


This is an animated movie which revolves around the life of a rabbit that want to be a successful cop. And in her search for the dreams, she goes ahead and moves to a big city here she needs to get trained and everyone treats her like a small creature to be cop. But finally she came across a big case which is solved or not…well watch the amazing and funny movie till the end and enjoy.

The Ref

Watch The Ref by Denis Leary, who is cat burglar. Watch him get all out with his funny acts and the mindfulness of being stupid in every minute of the movie. This is a definite comedy movie to watch on Netflix with your family. With dark funny emotions and more over the edge comedy, you will surely have a great time watching the movie.

In the Loop

If you are alone at home and you want to watch a dead drop comedy movie then In the Loop is something that you want to watch. This movie goes around where you can watch stupidity to its limit and F-bombs dropping continuously to make the movies hilarious to watch.


As the movie gives you the vibe of the dirty little secret, this indeed an intimate movie. In the movie you will be taken around the life of a girl who has been involved with her body being used as a test subject by Germans. Be warned, you might not be able to take a bite if you are not into open mind kind of movies so be ready for surprises.


So, these were the list of the top 20 best comedy movies on Netflix that you would want to watch. All these movies are great in their own respective places and their stories. So, enjoy watching these comedy movies any time you want to have a good life with your family, friends and loved ones. There are also a lot of comedy movies that are going to be released on Netflix, so stay tuned to get an update from this list of best comedy movies on Netflix.


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