Top 50+ Best GBA Games of All Time That You Never Played


The Game Boy Advance was found to have gone to fond memory to that of our desirable old school console. DS predecessor was significantly a Super Nintendo that you could cram into your pocket and certainly, the library of games that it comprised of was regarded as one of the strongest one in the whole genre of portable gaming. Of course, there are so many incredible games available out there, and consequently, they have been turning out to be quite popular among the people; it is quite natural on your part to find it difficult in filling up your web browser and searching out the names of these games. Obviously, it is a harassing one and on that context, this guide may be a good help to you. Here, in the content, we have narrowed down the list of the top best GBA games and had simplified it in a better way to put up the names of top 50 gba games of all time.

These 50 best gba games have been found to be standing out among the others against the present test of time. It would be really hard for someone to deny dedicating these titles to be included in the list according to their genres.

Top 50+ Best GBA Games You Never Played : Best Game Boy Advance Games

Top Best Role Playing GBA Games

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

As the name suggests, it is the game where you would be accessing yourself as a farmer and your job is to harvest the crops that you have sown. Certainly, the name of the game is too adorable and its play form is even more charming than that. You will be provided with the large land plot, poultry, crops, breed livestock and more and you ought to be productive during the harvest season. The story line of the game is quite simple and you shall be provided with a lot of opportunities to make money, and you need to utilize them in order to stand up and build your firm as one of the best cultivating farms in the Mineral Town. The evolution of your small farm would be denoted during the course of the game.

Golden Sun: Lost Age / Dark Dawn

Both the Dark Dawn as well as the Lost Age involves high-quality graphics and you ought to make out puzzles in order to emerge the Djinn characters. It is an RPG that involves fiction and the realistic environmental missions with battles will help you deal smoothly with your real life circumstances as well.

Beyblade: G Revolution

Are you a fan of the original Beyblade cartoons, if so, then certainly, this is the best game for you? Similar to the concept of the cartoon, here too, you shall find those super powers and beasts who would be challenging you in the Bey stadium. This GBA game follows the same storyline as it was in the earlier days where you used to love watching the cartoon. The graphics are fabulous and you would feel it playing at home. The Bey battles would be terrific and you can channelise your Beyblades to sue your opponents and do a good damage to the beasts.

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land / Amazing mirror

This is one of the best Role playing games where the gamer needs to make assumptions in order to save Kirby from his own trap that he has fantasized himself. You need to own a lot of cognitive skills to dip yourself in the dreamland and make out way for Kirby from his trap.

Pokemon Emerald

Certainly, it is one of the most amazing RPG games that you would come across. If you are too weak for the great Pokemon show, you can surely add up to your playing list and find out the adventures for yourself. Pokemon Emerald has added a lot of new Pokemon in the game that you may not find in any other game of the series. Here, you can train your Pokemon and make it become the champion of the world. This game involves the goodness of both Pokémon Ruby as well as Pokemon Sapphire and the post game missions ate simply awesome, thereby turning the game into a real epic journey for the gamers.

Car Battler Joe

It is a full fledged RPG that comprises of warfare cars and a lot of weapons, wherein you ought to shout out loud amidst the battlefield. The intensity of the Car Battler Joe has definitely helped this game rise in terms of its popularity as well as to get itself included in the GBA list.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

It includes both of the Super Mario Bros and is considered to be a total mixture of adventure, action and thrill. You need to defeat the forces of Bowser and fight back his plotting buddies in order to save the princess. Other than a lot of jumping and collecting so many coins, you have got a lot more to do as well over this platform. It consists of some awesome combat styles and you ought to access them to win. The intriguing storyline of the game and the plot structure with dialogue sharing concepts have made this game worth the appreciation in all possible ways.

Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

In order to advance through the various levels of the game, you need to do really well and follow the adventures of Goku, right from the early beginning. If you were in love with Dragon Ball, this would be the ideal game for you to find in the GBA list. The basic storyline of the Game surrounds around Goku and it also involves other twenty-seven characters including Krillin. Here, you can follow the real story with Goku as well as play as multiplayer one-on-one battles.

Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire

It is the original Generation 3 Pokemon games and is considered to be a bit toned down version than that of the Pokemon Emerald. In the battle field across the different levels of the game, you shall find various sets of Pokemon and the enemy team among each of the levels will also be seen to vary among them. This Pokemon game has also got the same mission and objective and the battle too, would be similar. All you need is to make your Pokemon well trained. Although the Pokemon would vary, you can still trade with them across different levels to customise each level as per your own desires.

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

It is regarded as one of the best RPG in the world and certainly, it is worth the title that it has received. It is simply fantastic and will surely enhance one’s experience during the game play. You would love playing it typically because, it involves the themes of both the original Final Fantasy as well as Final Fantasy II, therefore, if you have never played any of them before, you must try this out for it involves both the sequels and make out a lot of puzzles to pass through the levels. Also, it consists of some of the best combat styles.

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem is a tactical RPG game that includes a grid based movement along the turn based combat. It is receiving a lot of appreciation and is doing quite good, which has been marked to be unique in the Fire Emblem franchise to date. This game is potent to keep you hooked for hours and you won’t feel bored anyway. It involves different heroes or heroines who would be there on your team and each of them would have superpowers and they are capable of fighting with swords to that of magic powers. You ought to defeat the enemies who come your way and fight with them through your powers or make physical attacks aiming those evils.

Pokemon Fire Red / Leaf Green

Were you a fan of the Pokemon Red / Blue, if so, you can surely try out playing this version. This is similar to the 1st generation Pokemon games that have got so many awesome adventures. Finally, if you are in love with the Kanto region and do not get bored of playing with the previous version, you should give this a try for it brings out some amazing graphics and the fantastic story line of the game has made it worth to get itself positioned in the list of GBA games. Here, you may also choose to trade with the third generation Pokemon games, yet, there will be a slight difference in the availability of the Pokemon that you may come across in different versions.

Top Best Puzzle BBA Games


Just like any other popular board games, this is certainly one of the best games in the GBA list. Here, you can find a lot of letters and you need to frame words by using them. The better the word you could make, the higher your score will be!

Super Puzzle Bobble Advance

It is a quick paced puzzle game that involves a lot of extra gems. You need to get rid of the gems either by shooting them or making the matches between three or more gems. You need to make sure that your opponent is being hit with the extra gems so that you could win over him.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

Unlike the fighters in the street, here the game includes puzzled actions that you need to get done within a definite time. Every time you are able to perform a combo, your opponent will be receiving garbage gems that won’t be of any use to him. Make sure that you are able to get rid of the gems before your opponent and he would be damaged with your signature moves every time you could win over him.

Dr. Mario

Another game with Mario is again seen to conquer the list of GBA games. Here, Dr Mario is seen to solve a lot of puzzles in order to kill the viruses as well as bacteria by making use of different pills. It shows that Mario is not only skilled in jumping but he is also well aware of making use of pills and potions. He uses different coloured pills and matches the puzzle and gets it done!

Puyo Pop Fever

You need to pop the jelly like things and make their matches in order to make sure that you are able to grab a higher score. The player who is able to top all the Puyos will be winning the game. Thus, you need to make sure that you are making the matches quite well and are able to win the game successfully.

Chu Chu Rocket

As the name goes, it is a super cute puzzle game that involves all your thoughts hooking in your mind. Here, you need to save your mice from the cats that would otherwise enter your rocket and eat the mice. It involves a lot of directions that would be provided to you and you ought to ensure that all your mice are absolutely safe and they have successfully made their ways into the rocket without making you mourn for any loss.

Top Best Sports Based GBA Games

Mario Power Tennis

The top tennis actions in the game have made it stand as one of the best games on the GBA handheld. It never makes you feel bored at any point of the game and the typical arcade style of the game conquers it more than what it would have otherwise done in order to make it more realistic. The shots, the slashes and the backhands are created perfectly and you would certainly require moving with this fast paced game and creating your amazing shots throughout the game, thereby making it even more exciting for the gamers who are looking forward to the best tennis game!

Mario Golf Advance Tour

Mario was initially started as a plat former, but in the present time, it is regarded as one of the best first party game that the Nintendo platform comprises of in either of its forms. Mario games are enjoying their triumphs in the whole GBA list. Similarly, this is one of the amazing golf course that involves a lot of exciting features and game modes. If you are looking for a golf game, certainly this would be the best one for you to play with!

Sk8 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

In this game, Tony Hawk is found to be back with his awesome buddies and they are all set to perform the wildest stunts and trucks on the skating field. Here, you may choose your best professional and start skating all the way around. The game is super exciting and involves a lot of fun elements. It consists of various modes of the game and all of them are highly thrilling. It is a breathtaking skating action game and you can get to perform some of the insane stunts that you would love doing!

Fifa 07

Even though the graphics were not that good and were of poor quality and the gameplay was quite basic, still, this game has managed to stand as one of the best games on the GBA platform. It involves a lot of excitement to play with some of the best players from around the world who would be.participating in different leagues. Moreover, you cannot find any sort of minute to minute commentary and all because of the hardware limitations of GBA. Yet, it has successfully captured its place in the GBA list as one of the best games in the genre.

F1 2002

If you love to enjoy the Formula One races, then definitely this is the best GBA you can come across. It involves some wonderful graphics and the sound play is simply.fantastoc. You would love playing it for hours and the fast paced racing involved in the game is worth all your appreciation. The visuals have enhanced its glory even more and it is one of the best game to play with on the GBA platform that would give you real time racing experience.

Fifa World Cup Champion 2006

It is somehow identical to the Fifa 07 and is yet another game that has got the football title along with it. Although the graphics are of poor quality with a basic game play.still, it has found out its place among one of the best SBGs in the list. The primary difference of this game with that of Fifa 07 is that it involves the players who had been in the Fifa World Cup in the year 2006. It basically.lays all its stress on the world cup and involves international teams. You can join into the game as one of your favourites, like that of Toni, Ronaldo or Lucas and much more.

Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2

Back in the old days, Bicycle games were too popular and they were regarded as one of the best games to practice stunts and have a lot of fun. Unfortunately, in the recent times. It has become out of date and are less popular among the masses. Also, you won’t be able to find them anyhow on any of the current handhelds or consoles. This BMX game mode, however, consists of a lot of fun elements that would keep you seated on your place for long hours and is thus.regarded as one of the coolest and sensational BMX games.

Super Black Bass Advance

If fishing is your hobby, then you should surely try this out. To some people out there, this game is quite boring and involves nothing other than holding on your patience and being calm all the while. This is probably because it does not involve any sort of fast paced races or action or shooting people and slaying enemies. However, if you are one of those people who love fishing, give it a try as it is one of the best fishing games included in the GBA list. All you need is to throw your bait and keep on waiting for your bass to come up and you would then need to pull it out and collect your points.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

This is regarded as one of the best racing games that have been made by the Mario Franchise. Now, these Mario games are celebrating their success all over and are doing superbly in the racing genre. Here, you can choose your Mario as the main racer and involve its buddies in the list as well and start your kart racing adventure. You need to cross different levels of the race track. Make sure that no one is able to win the game other than you, even if they are making attempts with.some dirty tricks.

Madden NFL 07

Again, it is another game that is quite similar to that of the Fifa 07 and involves some wonderful game play. You would certainly be satisfied with it as long as you are there with the mind set to ignore its poor quality graphics. This game is particularly based on American footballers and comes with some big names of American players and licensed teams, thereby making it a complete package for the American fans.

Top Best Action GBA Games

Wario Ware Twisted

This game has introduced the all new concept of gyroscopic sensor that is in the cartridge. This is one of the mightiest action game that involves some thrilling gestures and terrific moves. This action game is somewhat similar to the Super Mario Bros and it will let you understand how innovation has evolved over time in the genre of gameplay.

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

This was probably considered as one of the hardest games since the olden times and back in those days, a majority of the hard core gamers preferred to taste a piece of this game just for they used to starve themselves in order to prove their worth and potential. This had finally led to the popularity of this game and it started raising its demand seekers with the gradual progress in time. Here, you would come across a demon hunter and it is your part to fight against all the demons. You cannot even afford to leave a single demon on this Earth. As it is known, it is certainly one of the hardest games known so far and the major concern of this game that has consequently increased the level of this game is that you cannot save your progress by any means. Every time you die, you would require starting over the game right from its beginning.

The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past

This game is regarded as a complete redefinition to the whole of its series and after receiving a lot of outstanding reviews from the gamers and players, it has been created with a few changes and could finally make its place in the list of GBA. It depicts an intriguing storyline along with an amazing background music where you need to save the kingdom of Hyrule as well as the fight against the Evil Ganon to rescue the princess of Zelda. Shoot arrows so that you could slash your enemies as well as shoot them with arrows to get your job meet all that it needs!

Advance Wars

It is typically regarded as one of the top hardcore military games that involve a lot of strategies and you need to make your moves wisely on the battlefield to win. The features are somewhat like that of a future warfare and the insane graphics will definitely drive you insane.

Final Fight One

Are you looking forward to some hard core action games that would let you break some bones, if so, definitely, this is the best game that you would get! Here, Cody and his gang need to fight back against the enemies and rescue the beautiful damsel, Jessica who is in distress. You ought to fight with all the bosses along the metro street and make your own way in order to get to her ultimately. You shall be provided with three super powerful fighters who would be there for you to support you along the battle. It is absolutely your choice if you want to fight with bare hands or take up different weapons and you are allowed to get them. The graphics of this arcade game is simply outstanding and there is no compromise in its creation.

Metal Slug Advance

If you are in love with fast paced game, then certainly this would be the best game for you deal in, of course, it showcases a lot of thrill and you would love playing it for it involves a lot of weapons and countless vehicles. You would also find enemies either on foot or on vehicles who would cross your path and you need to shoot them out just like any other super heroes would do. This is SNK Playmore’s shooting game that has finally managed to get itself fitted into the genre of GBA. It is recognised as one of the best action games that are presently available on the Game Boy Advance platform and definitely, it has been doing quite well. Also, it is the only game in GBA that has got the Metal Slug title.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

This is one of the most wonderful and breathtaking games that you would probably find on any platform and here is what GBA brings for you. This is a super entertaining Zelda game that involves a fantastic storyline along with a lot of powerful action events. Here, you would be required to fight back your enemies in the kingdom of Hyrule. You may need to solve different puzzles as well as kill the enemies who restrict you along your path. The game is definitely an adventurous one and your basic job is to keep your kingdom safe from all the evil spirits who cross come along your way and finally save the little Minish cap that would be attached to your head and would be guiding you through the streets.

Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX

Again, this is another gripping GBA game that would make you fall in love with itself. You would be able to meet different new aliens and you shall require to fight against them as well as with some mecha robots and continue fighting with them to accomplish your mission. It is a full throttle action game that involves slaying and shooting. All that you need is to keep your purpose settled in your mind where you would be fighting back against your enemies in order to keep your world safe from the invasion of the evil robots as well as from the alien forces. Metroid: Zero Fusion

Mega Man Zero 2

This is certainly the only game that wins over the whole GBA platform. Mega Man Zero 2 is one of the best action games made for the Nintendo platform and it is particularly known for bringing the side scrolling platform in the form of its hand held option. There are so many evil forces of Neo Arcadia and Zero needs to fight against all of them to win the battle and call for a triumph over those hordes of enemies. Zero is found to own a lot of powers, but at times, it is never the same flow that it could retain and thus, it is often seen to run low and cool while slashing away its enemies. However, it is still efficient enough to fight against all odds and overcome the challenges that come along the way!

Metroid Fusion

Just like any other action games, thus action game also involves shooting and you will be provided with loads of weapons and armour suit wherein, you need to control the iconic Samus throughout her hunt of aliens. There are so many aliens around you who are craving to take over the earth, but you need to deal with those enemies and save the earth. Your mission is all about wiping those devils out of the earth and make it a better place to inhabit in peace. You ought to fight with those monsters as well as solve puzzles in order to protect yourself as well as to reach your goal. Initially, the game appears to be quite easy but with the gradual progress in the levels, you shall find the difficulty level of the game to be increasing slowly.

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

This game follows the plotline of the movie in a little loose manner. It marks the adventures of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker derived from the movie franchise. This is an action packed game that definitely consists of a lot of thrilling elements. Just like other games, you need to make your way successfully across the different levels by controlling the Skywalker and keep on fighting until and unless you accomplish your mission. Yeah, it calls for your fighting from different duels and you can use your force powers as well as make physical attacks in order to slay your opponents. Of course, this is another fast paced action game in the series and you shall be coming across different mystical moves that would be unfolded in the course of your gameplay. However, your target will remain still and you need to fight the monsters and defeat the darker evils of the planet.

Grand Theft Auto (GBA)

The Grand Theft Auto (GBA) is being ported into the GBA series and is certainly one of the most popular games in the whole console. It has come up to be a sensation in the game field and certainly, it is making so well in its genre. The game follows the storyline of GBA II and if you have already played the prequel, you would find it to be more exciting! Just like the first two games, it is the only platform where you will be a bad guy and keep on moving through all the criminal activities throughout the game.

Metroid: Zero Mission

This is some more Metroid title game included in the GBA list. Here, too, you shall be provided with an armour and you need to pave your mission through fighting against the enemies and reaching your goal. However, this game is where Samus shall be addressing herself in some other planet, and thus she will need to fight against space pirates. Her sole aim is to guard herself against those hordes of space tyranny and she needs to maintain her mothership in some way or the other. In this game, the gamer could see levels where Samus would not be provided with her armour suit, in that case, she would be compelled to tackle herself through various hardships. In various cases, she will become prone to injuries and the battles may turn out to be worse than before. Power ups, as well as various kinds of new weapons, will be provided to her and finally, she will need to make out the game in order to address her ambition of making the place devoid of all sorts of monsters.

Spider Man: Mysterio’s Menace

It is an all time favourite game for the players who love to take up the concept of Spiderman. So, for all the Spiderman fans out here, this is definitely one of the amazing game for you people! In the game, Menace would be found to make every possible attempt to make troubles for Spiderman, however, Spiderman would sue all of them one after the other. Spiderman would kick away all those nasty butts and make his way out of all odds. While you are playing the game, you will come across power ups and armour suits for Spiderman. You can definitely keep on collecting them for they will enhance the ability of the Spiderman as well as help him to grow even more powerful. Finally, Spiderman will receive the Symbiote suit that he would take up and thus, he would be healed from all sorts of damages and ultimately settle the mess that Menace would have made with his buddies.

Top Best Platformer GBA Game

Sonic Advance

It takes up four different characters and puts them into the Sonic universe, thereby adding up more charm to your gameplay. It involves Knuckles, Tails, Amy and of course, Sonic and all of them would be present in a playable mode. Each of these four characters is found to have different abilities and they would be pursuing their moves through the game to fight against all odds.

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2

Here, in this game, the intriguing storyline is good enough to attract the gamers. Mario is found to land in a dinosaur land and he will fight against his enemies as well as the Emperor.of the Dinosaur land. All throughout his efforts, Yoshi, the tiny Dino will be found to assist him in order to win. Mario has got a magic cape with which he can fly and he will be seen doing a lot of jumping and spinning to damage all his enemies. Mario is also rewarded with a lot of new abilities and powers in this version.

Super Donkey Kong

This game is seen to feature both Donkey and Diddy Kongs and is definitely regarded as one of the highest rated games in the play list. It offers an entertaining gameplay in the Platformer games’ list. Take turns, leap against the bushes, move through the lush jungles and beat the crap and it will surprise you with all the fun moments. The little Kremmlings are found to have stolen your favourite hordes of bananas and you need to fight them back and pass all the levels to get your favourite bananas. Jumping and.leaping are the primary actions that you need to carry out across all the levels of the game.

Super Mario Bros

This is certainly one of the top favourites among the gamers that hold the same old concept where you need to keep on jumping from one platform to another, and in the course of the game, you need to keep on collecting coins and goodies as well as increase your points. The same old concept is still here, where you would keep searching the castles to find Bowser and princess Peach until you come across the last one where you could really find them. If Mario and his green brother Luigi, try this awesome game!

Mario Vs Donkey Kong

Here, Donkey Kong comes back and he will be stealing some of the mini Mario figurines. Mario, on the other end, will be seen solving a lot of puzzles and gather the keys in order to get his toys back. This is the original sequel to the classic Donkey Kong game. Donkey Kong will set various new obstacles and Mario will be seen overcoming all of them to mark his place.

Super Mario Advance 4

Again the game play is quite similar to that of the old versions of Mario. All you need to do is to fight back the forces with all your abilities and you shall be able to fight all your enemies. Here, Mario will own some new powers along with a tail that would enable him to glide and fly through the air. This is one of the amazing Mario game in the GBA list with a greater play time and more levels.

Disney’s Aladdin

All of us are aware of Aladdin’s story and certainly, this is one of the best games with awesome gameplay and amazing graphics. In the game, Aladdin is seen to win against all his enemies with of the Genie as well as his monkey buddy and save his city as well as make his place in the heart of princess Jasmine. Finally, he would defeat Jaffer and save his city.

Astro Boy

Astro Boy is not a super man but he is seen to have a lot of super powers and he is extremely powerful to fly and has also got X-ray vision with which he has been.out into the adventure and action of the game. He is seen to try out every possible way in order to get back the money that has been stolen by the Professor. The Astro Boy needs to clear all the ten levels and win in each of them, fighting back the enemies and suing them away to get the money back.


These were a list of top best GBA Games of all time some of you played and some of them you never played. So if you found any Game boy advance game in this list which is still not played by you then try once. Let us know if we missed any top best game boy advance game we’ll add it in our list.



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