Top 20 Best Sci-fi Movies On Netflix 2018


Sci-Fi is the most popular genre which is highly appreciated by the movie lovers of any genre. It is considered to be the best genre among all of the movies, sci-fi movies take us into a fantasy world which exist beyond our world and are just thoughts. While taking about the genre of the Sci-Fi it is a complete package of entertainment, having all the mixture of the genres that includes action or drama or romance or mystery and adventure as well. So, to say Sci-Fi movies has everything that you expect for to have in any genre of movies. If you happen to be a Netflix service user, then you might be wandering what would be the best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix 2017 to watch currently?

Well, to make that easy for you check on these list of 20 Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix. Watch movies by streaming them online in Netflix in a better picture and sound quality. We are sure that you will get totally entertainment by watching these Sci-Fi movies. Netflix provides best services in streaming movies online and TV shows too. It is the best choice for the Sci-Fi genre lovers to subscribe into the plans of Netflix. In case, if you are new to Netflix then you can enjoy Netflix Sci-Fi movies by joining free for one month.


1:  Listening 2015

Listening is a 2015 science fiction movie showing on Netflix. The story of the movie is on the basis of the mass surveillance operations which is perform under the NSA (National Security Agency) assist by private corporations. It is all about creating a mind reading and controlling technology, some people uses it as a weapon to kill people using the extraordinary technology in the human history. It is perhaps one of the best SCI-Fi movies to watch on Netflix in this year 2017.

2: The day the Earth Stood Still

The resident of the Washington D.C got panic with the arrival of the extraterrestrial spacecraft lands, and that has landed nearby the white house. Inside the spaceship a good looking alien named as Klaatu in humanoid form travel along with a huge bodyguard like robot looking. The name of the robot like is known as Gory, and that has the ability to shoot a laser like beam light to take control of any danger. When one of the solider gets wounded in the movie, Klaatu the alien announces that he came to earth for delivering a message for the betterment of mankind on earth. This is another great Netflix Sci-Fi movie to watch in 2017 for you.

3: Primer 2003

The story begins with Aaron and Abe, who are engineers by profession in the movie. The primer movie stars Mr. Shane Carruth as co-star and David Sllivan in the main role. In the days, of dealing with their job these two young engineer while working on the garage of Aaron, accidentally discovery out the time travel machine. Release in the year of 2003 under of a low budget of film production at $7000. The movie was highly response by the viewers allowing the movie to get box office hit of total $424,760.

4: Melancholia 2011

If you love to watch a mixture of Sci-fi and physiological thriller drama based on movie, than Melancholia is the right choice for you. The story of the movie is written and directed by Lars Von Trier which was release in the year 2011. Kristen Dunst, is in the female leading role on the movie playing the character of Justine. She is followed by co-star Alexander Skarsgard in and as Michael. In the story of the movies she was celebrating her marriage. But at the same there is a planet known as Melancholia which is heading towards the earth, which seems to disturbed everyone in the occasion.

5: Seeking a friend for the end of the world 2012

This is one of the best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix to watch in 2017. News has been out mentioning that there is a massive asteroid that is heading and will destroy earth, in a very short period of time that is just less than a month. The story of the seeking a friend for the end of the world is quite similar with the 2012 movie Melancholia. This situation lead to the end of the marriage of a salesman Guy named as Dodge played by Steve Carell. He was left by penny played by keria Knightley his partner right on the spot of the marriage. After facing such a worst life, Dodge decides to find a new love for him before life comes to an end.

6: Upstream Color 2013

Upstream Color is a production of American Cinema that was release in the year 2013. In the storyline of the movie, two people got affected with some kind of complex parasite, without the knowledge of the infected persons. The parasite has a three form of life stage as it passes from a human to pigs and then to orchids. One Man and Women are attached to each other, knotted in the life cycle of an ageless organism. Their identity becomes fictional as they struggle out to collect the loose out the fragment of wrecked lives. We highly recommend to watch this Science Fiction movie on Netflix today itself.

7: Harlcok Space Pirate 2013

For several years, there has been fought a war into several galaxies with a number of more than 400 billions of humans whose descendants resides in the earth, making a plan return into their home. Forcefully letting to run away a ravage earth and now human are taking refuge into the galaxies among the stars. As earth being the most precious resource to collect from, and it is been now under the control of the corrupt Gaia Coalition which rules the human race in all the galaxies. The animation movies are made on the basis of Anime or Manga, Harlock Space Private is a movie worth watching in the list of Sci-Fi movies on Netflix.

8: Armageddon 1998

This is a great Bruce Wills movie and one of the best Sci Fi movies on Netflix to watch and enjoy. Bruce wills is in the male lead role in the movie Armageddon as harry September. In the story, the researcher of the NASA finds out that there are many meteors and debris got release right from the asteroid belt. One of the meteors is expected to hit the earth which is almost the size of the whole Texas, and the scheduled time of hitting the earth is like 18 days of time duration. The movie is directed by Michael who is now popularly known for directing hit movies like transformer.

 9: The Giver 2014

In the Giver movie, Jonas is the character played by Brenton Thwaites. A young man lives in an ideal world completely colorless, into the world of conventionality and satisfaction. The Giver is Jeff Bridges, who is appointed as the sole keeper of the community’s memories, at the age of 16. The story is made on the basis of the beloved 1993 novel by Lois Lowry. The old receiver of memory tries to give knowledge to the new receiver.

10: batteries not included 1987

Batteries not included are an American sci-fi movie on Netflix which was release in the year 1987. Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy are among the improvised residents of a slum tenement threatened, with the destruction by the evil land developers. The situation remains very critical only a miracle can bring changes, and it is the only option left. The victims get the help of the aliens to get of the evil people. The movies battery not included the producer of the most successful movies like the incredible and Ratatouille.

11: ARQ 2016

ARQ is a Netflix Sci Fi original series where a young couple protects a revolutionary new source of energy, which is being caught in a time loop. The supply of the oil has run out dry, and war is held for the fight against the capturing of the world’s remaining supplies of energy. In the Netflix original stars by Robbie Amell who plays the role of an engineer is liable to protect the technology at any cost.

12: The Road 2009

The Road story is made on the basis of the novel from the book “The Road”, written by Cormac McCarthy. When some amount of catastrophe fills up the sky entirely with the ash. A man named as Vigoo along with his son Kodi were abandoned in the wasteland, and start to travel to the coast. Trying to survive in the time of food resources lacking times, also avoiding the savage human who likely to turn them into slaves or may be more worst.

13: Hellboy 2004

Hellboy is a movie based on the dark Fantasy superhero comics, and it is directed by none other than Mr.Guillermo del Toro. The movie starring Ron Perlman as Hellboy, playing the role of the demonic beast turns into a superhero to fight against darkness. He is usually a demon being rescued from the Nazis by a kind scientist, who later growing up defends the people of earth from the darkness. A must watch Sci-Fi Movie on Netflix.

14:  The prestige

The prestige is a highly viewed movie of all times in the list of Sci Fi movies in Netflix. In the story of the movie, there are two friends who used to be a fellow magician becomes enemy. They are after each other throat since the day of a sudden incident occurred.  This rivalry goes on in worst way right after two of their carriers.

15: Captain America Civil War 2016

Captain America Civil war movies story is taken from the marvel comics directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo. The avengers were split into a two teams when the superheroes were asked to support the government decision. The entire situation created right after the avengers fought with Ultron, with the collateral damage and under political pressure leads to the civil war between the superheroes. Undoubtedly this is one of the best Netflix Sci-Fi movies to watch in 2017.

16: Hard to Be a God 2015

Hard to be a God is a movie based on the acclaimed science fiction novel by the strugatsky brothers. In the story, a group of scientist has been sent to the planet Arkanar for helping out the people to get civilized. It is back in the time of the middle age which is specialy focused on the Don Rumata. Just before the legendary Russian auteur Aleksei German who died in the year 2013, he leaves behind the amazing final movie of his life.

17: The Host 2013

 The host is one of the best epic movies in the list of sci-fi movies of Netflix, the story is just amazing where all the you love min just taken away from your in front of your eyes. A group of aliens invade earth and then threaten the whole mankind, start to take lives in just a blink of an eye. The movie is directed by Andrew Nicool with stars like Saoirse Ronan or Jake Abel and Max Irons.

18: Young Ones 2014

Into the future, when there is a crisis of water it become one of the most valuable resources on the earth. Ernest Holm, who lives on a harsh frontier along with his children named as Jerome and Mary. The quest on the movie is to defend the farm from intrudes or anyone who has an eye on the land. But there is an unexpected things happening in the movie which is Mary’s boyfriend who seeks to capture the farm land all for him.

19: Monsters 2010

Right after 6 years of the crash of a NASA space investigate, the scientist found out that there is a possibility of the existence of alien into our solar system. A probe is then launched for collecting the sample of the other life forms. In the mission, the American and then the Mexican army struggle to capture the aliens.

20: Perfect Sense 2011

Perfect Sense is a romantic dramas and a mixture of sci-fi genre movie which is the best to watch on Netflix. Love story and the on-going chemistry between a chef and a scientist. Ewan McGregor and Eva Green who was a total stranger before but at the end complete for all each other, into the middle of a plague that robs people of their mind. The movie is directed by David Mackenzie and was release in the year 2011.


These are the complete list of the Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix 2018 which you have read in this article. Visit Netflix if you have your already then type any name of the movies which you liked from here, start watching it by today or simply download the movies to watch later on. In case if you have not you created your account that is still okay, no worries. Register for a free one month and watch your favorite movies in HD and other clean video quality. So, far this are the trending movies that is going on in the Netflix network, Watch them one by one by accessing into the site with the compatible devices.


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