TechOzen Scholarship Program

The main goal of Techozen is to provide its users with simple technological advises and guides related to latest Technology and Gadgets which will help them to get rid of their technical problems and clear doubts related to latest tech and gadgets.

Our main goal is to provide the visitors with easy technological solutions. These solutions are quite easy to use and not many technical difficulties would be faced by the visitors or the readers.

To boost the technological awareness among people, we the TechOzen would be opening an annual $2500 scholarship program. This program is targeted for the people who are quite creative and can provide simple and easy technical solutions.

We urge all the bright and creative minds to try out this program. If are one of those bright and creative minds then there is big possibility that you could win this program.

Interested to know more? Keep reading down below.


  • High School, University and colleges students are eligible to participate. But High School students are or those participants who are under the age of 18 should ask for their parents or legal guardian’s consent before joining.
  • Having a strong passion and little knowledge about the latest tech and gadgets is a plus factor for participant. The participant who shares the same kind of values and visions with Techozen will be chosen as the winner of scholarship.


Wining is quite easy here.

All that you need to do is write content about How Has Technology Changed The Education? It is advised that the content should be 700 to 1000 words long and should be original not copied or duplicated.

The content should be easy and simple so that it benefits other people quite easily. This is the main aim of the scholarship.

When you are done with the content then you can send it to [email protected] and you need to send it before June 15, 2018.

The under-mentioned details need to be sent to the same email on the same date for verification.

  • Full Name and Permanent Address along with Phone number of the participant.
  • Name of High-School/ University/College.
  • Photo Proof ID of being a student needs to be provided.


On June 20, 2018 we will be selecting a winner and by June 25, 2018 $2500 check will be sentThis amount will directly go to the High-School/ University/College of the candidate/ participant.

Apart from that, the winner will have a chance to be one of the paid contributors of Techozen.

But you should also keep in mind that last date of participation is June  15, 2018.

This program is held every year. So if you don’t win, you can apply for the program next year too.


  • Techozen doesn’t ask the candidates/Participants for any entry fees. The program is completely free.
  • All entries sent to [email protected] can be published by Techozen. All rights of those belong to Techozen.
  • Entries in languages other than English will be rejected.
  • Incomplete entries will not be processed and will be rejected too.
  • No entries will be entertained after the last date of submission.

If you are interested then we suggest you to Apply Now!!

Best of Luck!